Max Megaways 2 Slot Overview

Max Megaways returns in another Big Time Gaming online slot espionage thriller. We stated thriller, but Max Megaways 2 favors swinging 60s espionage over gloomy reality in current spy flicks. Big Time Gaming seems to have enjoyed producing these games, and the enthusiasm is contagious. The lively Max Megaways (2022) slot returns with responses, base game bonuses, free spins with bonuses, and a bonus purchase. If you’re ready, load up the Walther, shake your martini, and get debonair as Max saves civilization.

Instead of a villain’s volcanic lair, Max Megaways 2 takes place far from home. The Max Megaways 2 villain looks to have hunkered down on the moon, our fellow interplanetary traveler. Makes you wonder. If they can create a megabase on another planet, they can afford to relax and enjoy life, right? Why not build a Titan, Ganymede, or Io vacation house if Earth stinks? Uber villains must behave differently, and Max Megaways 2 doesn’t explain their evil plan, but it’s a doozy.

The Max Megaways 2 game grid has 6 primary reels and a 4-symbol Extra Reel. As many as 7 symbols can appear on each Extra Reel, giving 117,649 opportunities to win. Max Megaways 2 is a risky slot with a new RTP of 96.65%. Prepare for impact. Players can invest 20 p/c to £/€20 and choose from different betting types, which are shown below.

The response replaces all winning symbols except scatters with symbols from above on the regular reels or right on the Extra Reel. After no more victories, the entire victory sum is awarded. Winning combos must start from the first reel and include matching symbols on at least three adjacent reels—two for the highest-paying symbol. Pay symbols include BTG staples like glittering 9s.A card pays low and four diamonds pays high. A win with 6 matching symbols pays 0.25 to 0.4 times the royals and 0.5 to 5 times the highs. In Max Megaways 2, the wild replaces all symbols except scatters and the Multiplier Wild.

Max Megaways 2: Slot Features

James Bond and company are known for gadgets, and Max Megaways 2 has plenty. Scatters, basic game bonuses, free spins with bonuses, Win Exchange, and bonus purchase are here.

Game Base Bonuses

Each basic game spin or reply may trigger a modification. Might be:

The maximum Megaways spin has 7 symbols per reel.

A Multiplier Wild with a value of up to x10 is added to the Extra Reel.

Horizontal Wild – wilds replace all Extra Reel symbols.

All randomly selected symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 become wilds.


Max Megaways 2 contains Gold and Diamond Megascatter scatters. Three or more scatters provide 10 free spins, additional 2 from the fourth scatter onward. Diamond Scatters trigger Enhanced Free Spins.

Free Spins

Players choose two doors to disclose goodies before free spins. Players open 3 doors during Enhanced Free Spins. A non-resetting win multiplier starts at x1 and rises with each reaction in free spins. Open doorways provide bonuses:

Win multiplier starts at x6 with Multiplier Boost.

All exposed symbols on reels 2-5 become wilds.

After each reaction, the win multiplier doubles.

2 Scatter Retrigger – 2 or more scatters provide free spins.

More Ways—at least 5 symbols each reel.

During free spins, landing 3 (or 2 depending on the bonus) scatters provides +5 free spins and 5 more for each extra scatter.

Winning Exchange

Win 100x the stake or more and get 10 free spins. Players can wager a win between 25 and 100 times the stake to win 10 free spins.

Buy Bonus

Bonus buys have 2 choices. Enhanced Free Spins triggers at 200x the stake, while ordinary free spins activate at 75x. The feature purchase RTP is 96.64%.

Max Megaways 2 Slot Review

Although Max Megaways 2 is 384,400 kilometers from the volcanic lair of the first, its gameplay is much closer. No bad thing since Max Megaways was fun, and all the wonderful elements from the previous one returned for round two. Of course, it’s different. Big Time Gaming has changed the terrain and added features to enhance numbers. In addition to the welcome RTP rise, the bonus round max win is now 147,620x the stake. It mentioned that in the game data sheet. The paucity of maximum winnings (or anything close to max wins) on our Youtube channel or streams shows that BTG slots seldom, if ever, deliver on their promised win potential.

Other than statistics, base game and bonus round benefits have changed. We’ll call the new ones different rather than superior. They don’t appear worse, and the doors’ wonderful Star Trek-like noise when opening added to the anticipation of what we’d get. All bonuses, including base game bonuses, have their purposes. Double Multipliers and Symbol to Wild may aid. The ability to click past win countups in Max Megaways 2 was possibly the most surprising. Players in a hurry should rejoice over this tech update, similar to Maxwell Smart’s Shoe Phone. Put all this fantastic things in a high-production value slot with great numbers for a reliable BTG release. As a’very high’ volatility slot, Max Megaways 2 may also kick butts to the moon.

With all the new and old portions, Max Megaways 2 seems like a Bond film with the same star, maintaining continuity. Max Megaways 2 didn’t break the link between the two positions as a new actor can. Thus, gamers who liked the original Max Megaways’ lunar-based enjoyment would certainly enjoy the second.